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Purchase a qualifying LG G6 from a qualifying retailer to be eligible to claim your free LG gift.

Please note that rewards offered and qualifying purchase periods vary by retailer.

You can view the qualifying retailers, rewards and purchase periods on the Qualifying Retailers page.


Please submit your Claim after 15 days but before 45 days from purchasing your LG G6.

You will need to provide the below details:

  • Date of Purchase
  • Place of Purchase
  • Invoice/Receipt Number
  • The IMEI Number
  • Upload proof of purchase
  • Personal Details
  • Delivery Address

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Your LG gift will be dispatched within 28 working days of validation to your given postal address.


Visit the Promotional Support Page for Frequently Asked Questions & Contact details.

Check the progress of your claim at any time by using the Claim Tracker on this website.

Read our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Claim Tracker

Track the progress of your claim by entering your claim ID